Asphalt Batch Mix Plant LB Serie is new and ideal construction equipment used for manufacturing asphalt that is mainly applied in highway road construction and other civil construction.

LB asphalt batching plant is a stationary asphalt mixing plant mainly consiting of cold aggregate supply system, drum dryer, burning system, hot aggregate elevator, vibrating screen, weighing system, mixing tower, dust collecting system, filler supply system, bitumen supply system, electronic control system, finished asphalt storage bin.

The asphalt plant adopts modular design, easy installation and maintenance, fast removal and transportation. It is mainly used for the construction of highways, highways, municipal roads, airports and ports.

Sinoroader | Aggregate Supplying System
①. Protective plates on both sides of the aggregate hoppers to avoid sundries getting into the aggregates and conveying belt;

②. To make the supplying smoother, vibrators are equipped below each hopper;
③. Adds grid plate at top of each hopper to buffer the shock from aggregates flow, meanwhile it screens oversize aggregates;


Sinoroader | Drying system
①. Driving units have auto lubrication device, greatly reduces labor cost;

②. Different areas inside the drying drum have different blade configurations, which can handle aggregates in different processes;

③. The rolling rings and rollers are applying high strength wear-resisting material. Deviation preventing rollers for both rolling rings;

④. The cylinder adopts boiler steel and stainless steel skin, which gives it high temperature resistance and non-deformability;


Sinoroader | Aggregates elevating system
①. The aggregates elevator takes modular design with newest dust sealing structure;

②. Elevator applies double plate link chains design, which extends the elevator's service life and reduces maintain frequency.

③. Excellent leakproofness with the moters;
④. Applies famous cycloidal pin gear speed reducers, more powerful and reliable;

⑤. The aggregates slide tunnel adopts damping structure wear-resisting plate link chains to enhance the performance.

Sinoroader | Screening system

①. Vibrating screens that apply world famous vibration motors are completely sealed;

②. Aggregate storage bin adopts large bin structure to avoid material overflow;

③. Aggregate bins are separated by high strength wear-resisting plate to avoid aggregates mixing.


Sinoroader | Weighing system

Adopts world famous brand (TOLEDO) weighing component,to make sure that the measurementerror of aggregates is below 0.5%, and the measurement error of bitumen and filler is below 0.25%.


Sinoroader | Mixing system

①. The mixer, mixing blades and liner plates are all using the best materials with high hardness and high abrasion performance;

②. The cycloidal pin gear speed reducer has better transmission efficiency and simpler structure.

Sinoroader |  Finished product storage system

①. The storage silo has heating device to keep asphalt temperature and quality;

②. The silo has anti-blocking device to keep asphalt quality.

Sinoroader | Dust Collecting System

①. Double dust collecting systems, including the primary volute dust collector that gets rid of large size dust and secondary baghouse collector that further get rid of the rest dust;

②. Adopts famous brand draught fan, high efficiency against low power rate.




Capacity(Standard Conditions)

Mixer Capacity

Dust Remove Effect

Total Power

Fuel Consumption

Measurement Accuracy

Fuel Oil

Fuel Coal



750 kg

≤20 mg/Nm³


5.5-7 kg/t


Aggregate: ±0.5%



1000 kg

≤20 mg/Nm³


5.5-7 kg/t


Filler: ±0.25%



1500 kg

≤20 mg/Nm³


5.5-7 kg/t


Bitumen: ±0.25%



2500 kg

≤20 mg/Nm³


5.5-7 kg/t




3000 kg

≤20 mg/Nm³


5.5-7 kg/t


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    Q How much of this lb asphalt plant?

    2020-04-02 10:37
    A Thanks for inquiry! which capacity do you need? we have 60-240t/h capacity ranges. We will send you the price list.

    Q What are the fillers in bituminous mixing plant?

    2020-03-20 14:21
    A Good afternoon,the common filler materials like cement, lime stone, granite powder etc. in bituminous mix.Any questions,please kindly inquiry us again.

    Q Sometimes the Bitumen / Aggregate Ratio Is Unstable? How To Correct It?

    2020-03-12 09:25
    A 1. Aggregate compound dirt, dust found excessive. In spite of the dust, but the filler excessive mud, most of the bitumen and filler combination, commonly known as "absorb bituman." Gravel surface adhesion bitumen less, so not easy to shape rolling. 2. Metering system failure. Mainly bitumen and slag measurement scale measurement scale measurement system zero drift occurs, resulting in measurement error. Especially bitumen measurement scale, the little errors that disproportionately affect aggregate ratio. In production, we should always calibrated metering system. In actual production, because slag containing impurities thing more, often resulting powder metering position Doumen closed lax, leakages occur, seriously affecting the quality of asphalt concrete.

    Q Pls want proforma invoice for 80-120 ton/he asphalt plant including weighing bridge.Thank u.Tunji idowu

    2020-03-05 18:48
    A ok,we will send you soon.

    Q Can the asphalt mixing plant be made mobile?

    2020-02-29 10:37
    A Of course, all series can be made mobile.
LB Asphalt Batching Plant

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