What are the technical characteristics of the ultra-thin wear layer in asphalt pavement?

May 13, 2022 road performance,project cost,ultra-thin abrasive layer,emulsified asphalt,asphalt material
The ultra-thin abrasive layer is to spread and spread the hot mix mixture on the emulsified asphalt on the road surface, and then bond with the aggregate through the foaming and demulsification of the emulsified asphalt, and at the same time form a waterproof layer that can improve the resistance to water damage. The ultra-thin wear layer has a skeleton structure, good slip resistance and rutting resistance.

1) Fast construction speed: In the construction process, the materials applied by the ultra-thin wear layer technology can be laid at one time, and the highway can be opened after the laying is completed, and there is no need to repeatedly lay the relevant road surface, which greatly improves the construction efficiency of the maintenance work of the high-speed road section, reduces the overall time of the project construction, and also reduces the probability of accidents caused by maintenance and construction, providing a safe traffic environment for vehicles.


2) Protection of the subgrade: In the materials used in the ultra-thin wear layer technology, the asphalt material can adsorb the ore powder in the highway subgrade, and through the adsorption and fusion of the ore powder, the asphalt material can form a new separation layer to achieve the isolation and restriction of moisture, thereby avoiding the damage to the subgrade caused by surface underwater infiltration.

3) Improve road performance: After the construction of ultra-thin wear layer technology, the anti-slip, anti-wear, waterproof ability and anti-rutting ability of the pavement can be significantly strengthened in a short period of time.
4) Low project cost: While maintaining good road performance, the overall cycle of maintenance of the ultra-thin wear layer is shorter, which reduces the cost of highway maintenance.
5) Low noise pollution: The noise of the ultra-thin wear layer is small, which avoids the situation that the surrounding residents are affected by the huge noise generated during the high-speed driving process.