What are the advantages of asphalt?

June 28, 2022 high-speed road,asphalt road,rigid pavement,road roller
1. Noise
Old drivers who have driven on high-speed roads must have experienced it. When driving on asphalt roads, the driving noise is significantly smaller. Occasionally, when encountering a small section of cement road, you will find that the noise of tires rubbing against the ground is very obvious. From this point of view, asphalt pavement has many advantages over cement pavement.
2. Driving comfort

The pavement is a rigid pavement, and gaps need to be reserved at intervals to avoid damage to the pavement caused by thermal expansion and contraction in hot summer. When driving on a concrete pavement, there will often be a "crack, crack" sound, which is the tire pressure. The sound of passing through the reserved expansion joints, and the asphalt road is a flexible road, it is very comfortable to drive on, and there is almost no bumpy feeling.


3. Pavement paving and repair
The laying of cement pavement is more troublesome and takes a long time. If the scorching sun happens to be encountered in the process of cement solidification, special personnel must be arranged to sprinkle water.
However, the asphalt pavement is very simple to be paved and compacted with a road roller, and it can be opened to traffic soon, and the construction period is much shorter than that of the cement pavement.
On the other hand, when the road is damaged, it is very troublesome to repair the cement road. It is necessary to dismantle the damaged whole piece and pour it again. The asphalt road is much simpler, just make a patch and pour it on the damaged part Asphalt is compacted.
4. Water permeability and safety
The cement road is impervious to water, and it is as smooth as a mirror when it rains. At this time, when driving at high speed on the cement road, it is extremely easy to slip when turning or braking. After the rain stops, the evaporation of water on the road surface is relatively slow.
Asphalt pavement is much rougher than cement pavement, and has strong water permeability, it is not easy to slip in rainy days, and there is less water accumulation.
It is precisely because of these advantages of asphalt pavement that although the construction cost of asphalt pavement is much higher, cement pavement is still gradually replaced by asphalt pavement. Not only highways, but also more and more urban expressways, high-grade highways, etc., have begun to use asphalt roads instead of cement roads.