Difference Between Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant and Concrete Mixing Plant

November 27th, 2019 concrete mixing plant,concrete batching plant,mobile concrete mixing plant

First of all, stabilized soil mixing plant: refers to the collection of machinery and equipment for producing stabilized soil, which is to stir various mixtures to make stable soil.

The concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of 5 major systems, such as the mixing host, the material weighing system, the material conveying system, the material storage system and the control system, and other auxiliary facilities.


The difference between a stable soil mixing plant and a concrete mixing plant is:

1. The finished concrete products produced by the stabilized soil mixing plant are mainly used for the construction of highway, railway, airport and other traffic engineering projects, while the finished concrete products produced by the concrete mixing plant are mainly used for the construction of various engineering buildings.

2. The requirements of the finished products produced by the concrete mixing plant are higher than those of the stabilized soil mixing plant.

3. The hosts used are different. The stable soil mixing plant uses a double-horizontal axis continuous non-liner mixing main machine, while the concrete mixing plant often uses JS dual-horizontal axis forced mixer and mp series vertical axis planetary mixer. The mixing effect is stronger and more uniform. ideal.

4. Due to the small proportion of cement required for stable soil production, the number of cement tanks in stable soil mixing plant equipment is very small, and often only one or two is enough. The concrete mixing plant generally requires three or four cement silos.

5. The measurement method of the stable soil mixing plant is usually dynamic measurement, while the concrete mixing plant is produced by static measurement.

The simple summary is that the structure of the stable soil mixing plant is simpler than that of the concrete mixing plant. The quality of the finished product is not as high as the quality of the finished product. The customer must check the concrete sales market before investing. Is it mainly used for highway construction or construction site projects? . Stable soil mixing plants and concrete mixing plants are generally required for highway construction, and concrete mixing plants are sufficient for construction sites.


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