Method of Inspecting Asphalt Tank

December 26th, 2019 asphalt storage tank for sale,asphalt tank,bitumen tank,bitumen tabk for sale

Asphalt tanks are commonly used equipment in our lives. They are of great help to us and are widely used by its characteristics. Relatively speaking, the effects are very great. Let’s talk about the inspection methods of asphalt tanks.


1. Asphalt tank construction and testing method test: vacuum leak test of the bottom plate, vacuum leak test of all bottom plate welds, the vacuum degree should not be lower than 53Kpa, and re-inspection by penetration inspection method.

2. Water tank filling test: floating tray lifting test, foundation settlement observation. Then temporarily close the openings in the upper part, open the transparent holes on the top of the tank, and fill the tank with water. The test water should be fresh water. The temperature of the water should not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius, and the voltage should be maintained for 48 hours.

3. Tightness test, strength test and stability test of the tank wall and tank top: When filling the tank with water, when the water level is higher than 1m, close the transparent hole on the tank top and the air vent of the foam port, and continue into the tank Fill with water and observe the pressure reading through a temporary pressure gauge on the tank top. The pressure stability test is performed after the water filling test. When the water filling reaches a high operating level, all openings are closed. The water discharge should be performed slowly. A negative pressure is generated in the tank. The negative pressure reading is closely monitored. When the negative pressure reading reaches When the water column is 200mm, stop discharging water, and then fill the tank with water to restore the normal pressure in the tank.

4. Flaw detection: Penetration inspection or magnetic particle inspection of the joints of the asphalt tank construction and inspection methods and the fillet welds of the reinforcement plate

The above is the method for inspecting the asphalt tank. If you do n’t understand the contents of the above introduction, you can directly contact our staff, we will provide you with dedicated service and provide high-quality products.