· RAP breaking and screening system

· The screening unit using vibration screen, breaking unit using double teeth roller crusher.Suitable for large asphalt recycling companies or temporary long road reconstruction and maintenance projects.

Characteristics and advantages

· · all-electric control, simple control principle, easy to operate and low cost;

· · the screening unit adopts a vibrating screen suitable for the characteristics of RAP, and selects a blocking screen with square holes to reduce the phenomenon that asphalt milling planer is easy to stick and block;

· the breaking unit adopts double-toothed roller crusher, large crushing ratio (5-8), low noise, simple structure, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability, etc.


· The working process

· Using loader to realize feeding (according to customer equipment changes), aggregate conveyor will sent material to the vibrating screen, vibrating screen for secondary screening, particle size is less than 13 mm asphalt material from the first level hopper to the finished product conveyor, less than 25 mm asphalt materials from the second hopper to the finished product conveyor B, and the big size of milling planer is expected to be sent to the breaker, breaking after return to aggregate asphalt material supplied with conveyor , to restart the process.


 The control system

The performance of the crusher :

The crusher with functions of crushing and sieving double two toothed roller fixed installation, their relative motion as a rotating grizzly, satisfies the requirement of particle size of the material first by roll or tooth roller and liner clearance leakage achieved preliminary screening, in order to avoid that part of the material passes through the roller tooth broken again, both to reduce the material crushing rate and energy consumption, and reduced the roller tooth broken time, prolong the service life.At the same time, the gear roller runs in opposite speed, which has better shearing and tensile crushing effect.Roller teeth movement also makes the material broken after being forced to discharge, not easy to produce congestion, so it is also suitable for viscous materials and materials with high moisture content.

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Device Name Model Power(KW) Quantity
1 Cold Feed GZD3000*950 4.4 1
2 Belt Conveyor B800-23000 11 1
3 First Stage Roller Crusher 2PGC1200*900 90 1
4 Second Stage Roller Crusher 2PGC900*900 74 1
5 Vibrating Screen 2YK1860 18.5 1
6 Belt Conveyor B650-20000 5.5 1
7 Mobile Belt Conveyor B500-15000 9.5 2
8 Steel Frame 1 Batch
9 Structural Parts (Inlet, Discharge Hopper, Distributor, Chute, etc.) 1 Batch

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RAP Crushing and Screening System

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