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11cbm Micro-surfacing Paver

11cbm Micro-surfacing Paver


Production Capacity:

Paving Width: 2500-4300mm
Paving Thickness: 3-15mm
Output: 3t/min
Liquid volume: 4000L / 4000L


SR1035TFC type slurry sealer is mainly used to treat the diseases such as abrasion resistance drop, cracks, rutting and the like on the road surface, so as to improve the skid resistance and water resistance and improve the smoothness and driving comfort of the road surface and achieve the effect of "rejuvenation". The equipment can be widely used in ordinary slurry seal, modified slurry seal and micro-surfacing construction technology.

This equipment is a new type of special road maintenance equipment with international advanced level developed by our Company on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology. It has independent intellectual property rights. After years of construction practice and continuous optimization, this product is currently an ideal machine for slurry seal and micro-surfacing construction.

Construction Technology of Slurry Seal

Slurry seal, or emulsified asphalt slurry seal, refers to a thin layer of asphalt surface treatment formed by mixing appropriately graded stone chips and sand as aggregate, emulsified asphalt (hereinafter referred to as "emulsion") as binder, adding a certain proportion of powder (cement, lime, fly ash, mineral powder, etc.), additives, water and other materials, making uniform slurry mixture, and uniformly spreading on the road surface according to the required thickness and width.

Working Principle of Slurry Sealer

The working principle of slurry sealer is to convey aggregate, powder, water and emulsified asphalt into the mixer according to a certain proportion, form a flowing emulsified asphalt slurry mixture through rapid mixing and send it into the paving box, and spread it evenly and flatly on the road surface through spiral distribution.
Slurry sealer is a special equipment for slurry seal technology construction, which meets the special working conditions of short mixing time, fast forming speed, thin paving thickness and other special working conditions, and meets the requirements of fast construction, low cost, wide application, low energy consumption and so on.

Technical Parameters

Chassis HOWO6*4 HOWO/SHACMAN 8*4
Engine Power 73KW/2400rpm
Aggregates Bin Volume 10m³ 12m³
Emulsion Tank Volume 3.5m³ 4m³
Water Tank Volume 3.5m³ 4m³
Additive Tank Volume 400L 600L
Stuffing Box Volume 2x0.5m3 2×0.5m³
Discharging Volume of Mixer Maximum 3.5T/min
Maximum 3.5T/min
Width of Paver  2.5-4.3m 2.5-4.3m
Overall Dimensions 10500×2500×3500(mm)(L×W×H) 11670* 2520*3570(mm)(L×W×H)

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    Q What is the general output?

    2022-10-09 17:01
    A 3.5 tons per minute, the maximum can reach 4.5 tons per minute.

    Q What production capacity are there to choose from?

    2022-09-29 17:25
    A The minimum 4*2 chassis can be loaded with 3-6 cubic aggregates, the 6*4 chassis can be loaded with 10 cubic aggregates, 3.5 cubic meters of asphalt and water, and the 8*4 chassis can be fully loaded with 22 cubic aggregates.
11cbm Micro-surfacing Paver

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