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Technical Research And Development:
Sinoroader R&D team have obtained master's degree or above, and 60 of them have obtained doctoral degree. We have jointly carried out technological innovations with many domestic universities and obtained a number of patented technologies, which have great significance in promoting the whole industry. In addition, Sinoroader also cooperates with many well-known overseas enterprises and universities in asphalt mixing plant and other related road and bridge equipment. The vibration mixing technology developed by us is the unique tech in the world, which has been widely used in domestic mixing plant projects.

Production Processing Capacity:
Sinoroader has more than 1200 workers, including 200 senior technical engineers, 320 technical workers. Our factory workshop covers an area of 80,000 square meters. The production line has equipped with specialized and modern production process equipment such as robot welding and laser cutting.

6S Management Principles:
Sinoroader workshop management is in strict accordance with SEIRI、SEITON、SEISO、SEIKETSU、SHITSUKE、SECURITY(6S) management mode to ensure that the workshop keep clean and tidy, safe and reliable. Strictly regulate workers' behavior and ensure the safety of property and production. Sinoroader has obtained ISO certification qualification.

Sinoroader Services:
Sinoroader provides pre-sale, on-sale, after-sale service for our customers. professional and comprehensive pre-sales service to guide customers to make the optimal choices; Careful and scientific on-sales service to allocate production orders according to customer needs, to ensure on-time delivery; Thoughtful and fast after-sales service provides technical support for users all over the world, and train operators for safty-production.

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