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Polymer Modified Bitumen Production Plant

Polymer Modified Bitumen Production Plant


Production Capacity:Qingdao

HDXL1606 asphalt plant is an ideal choice for manufacturing rubberized asphalt, which is a material widely used in construction projects. Controlled by computer system, it is highly easy-operated, reliable and precise. This bitumen processing plant i


PMB series modified bitumen plant is an ideal choice for manufacturing rubberized asphalt, which is a material widely used in construction projects. Controlled by computer system, it is highly easy-operated, reliable and precise. This bitumen processing plant is applicable in the continuous and efficient production of a comprehensive line of asphalt products. The asphalt it produces is of high-temperature stability, aging resistance, and high durability. With its performance having met various working conditions, PMB series equipment has been widely applied in highway construction projects.

1.It adopts advanced one-time over-grinding process with four significant advantages:
2.Installation costs reduce. All equipment such as pipelines, valves, etc. are less than the recycling process
3. Reduce energy consumption Premixed tanks are smaller and energy consumption will reduce.
4.Maintenance costs reduce Due to asphalt blockage and agglomeration,the required maintenance for pre-mixed tanks has reduced.
5.Flexible adjustment of output It is easy to adjust the output without being limited by the volume of the premix tank.
6.Using a 90 kW power motor, it can meet the production of SBS modified asphalt with a polymer content of up to 6%.
7.Grinding disc clearance can be adjusted by handwheel, factory clearance setting ensures asphalt is ground and homogenized under optimal conditions.

The grinding disc material is made of high wear-resistant tool steel, which has strong wear resistance and long service life.
The mill is heated by heat-conducting oil and has a closed-type heat preservation device.
8.The working principle of the colloid mill: The core component of the mill consists of a stator and a rotor disc. During operation, under the high-speed operation of the rotor disc, the modifier will pass through the multi-stage grinding surface of the stator disc and the rotor disc in the grinding chamber. High-strength shearing and grinding between the tooth and the tooth groove, and refining and homogenizing step by step in the high-speed stirring, rough grinding, semi-finishing, fine grinding, ultra-fine grinding five-stage grinding, and then moving the disc It is driven out from the discharge port by centrifugal force, and the matrix asphalt and the polymer asphalt modifier can be uniformly refined and dispersed after one pass of shear milling.
9.The design of the moving and flat-plate flat teeth of the colloid mill is not only simple in processing, safe in use, high in running accuracy, and high in flow rate. When the polymer is subjected to extrusion shearing, the electrical energy-mechanical energy-heat energy is all completed in the same mill, which saves energy, reduces energy consumption, and achieves energy saving.


Sinoroader | Grinding System
The grinding system is the most critical part of the whole equipment. The modifier and asphalt mixture are fully sheared and the modifier is evenly dispersed in the asphalt. Two high-power colloid mills are used in series or in parallel to meet any process grinding requirements. In case of failure, it can be used alone.


Sinoroader | Rapid Heating Device
The rapid heating part uses two spiral plate heat exchangers in series to exchange heat between the asphalt and the heat transfer oil in a closed condition.It can quickly raise the asphalt by more than 50 degrees. At the same time, the pneumatic control valve and the asphalt pump speed regulation double insurance are used to adjust the asphalt heating temperature to ensure the production operation can be carried out under a very small temperature difference.

Sinoroader | Swelling Batching System
The equipment uses two swelling tanks, and the asphalt and the modifier are separately added to the swelling tank for swelling, and the two tanks are used alternately to increase the swelling time of the modifier, so that the ratio is more accurate.

Sinoroader | Modifier Metering Lifting Device
The equipment is equipped with two sets of modifier lifting devices, which transport the modifier into the swelling tank and mix with the asphalt. You can choose to operate with a hoist or a screw conveyor.

Sinoroader | Bitumen Conveying and Metering system
The high-temperature and high-viscosity volumetric metering device is adopted, and a filter is arranged in the asphalt pipeline to quantitatively transport the asphalt to the swelling tank according to the formula.

Sinoroader | Control System
The control system adopts the Siemens PLC+ industrial computer operation mode, and it can be fully automatic operation by setting several process parameters. Manual operation can also be performed with buttons to increase the reliability of the equipment and ensure the continuity of the project.

Technical Parameters

Model PMB15  PMB20 
Productivity(t/h) 15 20
Heating Method Thermal Oil
Heat exchange area of heating device(㎡) 90 100
Modifier extraction capacity(t/h) 4 4
Mixing tank volume(m³) 5×2 6×2
Mixing power(Kw) 7.5×2 11×2
Colloid mill power(Kw) 65×2 75×2
Weight(t) 15 25
Shipping packing method 40HQ×1+20GP×1 40HQ×1+20GP×1

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    Q For asphalt rubber plant and mill with Schneider's electrical components do you gave CE?

    2022-09-29 17:22
    A Yes. Our PMB Plant has CE Certificate; We have experience in exporting to Europe.

    Q what is the brand of the mill and electrical components you are using?

    2022-09-28 17:24
    A Shanggui brand mill, the best quality mill in China; electrical components are Schneider brand

    Q Hello can i ussed milled sbs?

    2020-04-29 23:15
    A Hi dear, you want sbs bitumen material? We supply bitumen production machinery, not the bitumen material.

    Q How to maintain modified bitumen machine?

    2020-04-08 09:54
    A Well, the dust in the control cabinet needs to be removed once every six months The colloid mill needs to add oil once product every 100 tons of emulsified bitumen

    Q What are the requirements of colloid mill in sbs modified asphalt equipment?

    2020-03-25 11:40
    A The colloid mill gap of the sbs modified bitumen equipment is not more than 1.0mm, and the colloid mill speed is not less than 2400r / min. Its abrasive particles are uniform and the fineness is small. 2 to 5um particles account for more than 95% of the total. ≥75%, 5 ℃ ductility ≥20cm, meet the performance requirements of colloid mill for sbs modified bitumen equipment production.
Polymer Modified Bitumen Production Plant

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