• Asphalt Mixing Plant Equipment Maintenance

    Asphalt mixing plant is an indispensable supporting facility in highway asphalt paving engineering. In daily operation, various maintenance work should be carried out according to the operation of mechanical equipment.

    Nov.18th,2020 asphalt paving,asphalt paving project,asphalt mixing plant,batching machine
  • Installation steps of asphalt mixing plant

    Road pavement mechanization includes three primary processes: mixing, paving, and rolling. Mixing is an important guarantee for ensuring construction quality.

    Nov.16th,2020 Road pavement mechanization,concrete mixing equipment,asphalt mixing plant,asphalt plant,asphalt storage equipment
  • Installation Steps of Asphalt Mixing Plant

    The boiler energy-saving transformation due to the large-scale asphalt mixing plant requires a wide variety of equipment, including the mixing host, asphalt storage equipment, product warehouse, heat transfer oil furnace, and barrel...

    Nov.06th,2020 asphalt concrete mixing equipment,asphalt mixing plant,asphalt storage equipment
  • government leaders visited the company to investigate "six stability", "six guarantees" and corporate development

    government leaders visited the company to investigate "six stability", "six guarantees" and corporate development

  • Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of asphalt pavement and cement pavement

    Asphalt pavement is a pavement structure in which a certain thickness of asphalt mixture is paved on a flexible base and a semi-rigid base.

    October 23th,2020 Asphalt pavement,asphalt mixture,concrete pavement,asphalt pavement
  • Ethiopia speeds up road construction

    Speeding up the construction of urban roads and effectively improving road traffic capacity will be an important project that will benefit the people's livelihood in Ethiopia.

    October 10th,2020
  • Celebrate The 20th Birthday—Sinoroader Group

    On September 20, the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Henan Sinoroader Group was held in Xuchang Zhongyuan International Hotel.

    September 23th,2020
  • Ethiopia speeds up road construction

    The first project is the Hamusit-Este Highway in Amhara State, which will be constructed by the Chinese construction company Ningxia Communications Construction Co., Ltd.

    September 03th,2020 gravel to asphalt,asphalt pavements
  • Factors affecting the production and finished materials of asphalt mixing plant

    Coarse aggregate: crushed stone with sufficient strength and wear resistance, rolled gravel. It acts as a skeleton in the pavement structure. The adhesion of alkaline materials to asphalt is better, and it is common to use but its s...

    August 27th,2020 asphalt mixing plant
  • Sinoroader intelligent asphalt distributor innovative technology

    Sinoroader has worked diligently and worked tirelessly to overcome technical difficulties and was the first to develop an intelligent asphalt distributor in our country.

    August 14th,2020 asphalt spreading,vertical mixing of the asphalt,modified asphalt spraying,intelligent asphalt distributor
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